The Diamond Edition

Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY.

Caught Miss Ashley here coming through the swiveling doors of the school.  My Semi-Alma Mater actually lol.  But the coat and sherling made me stop her for these shots.  I just enjoy a photo where a woman is fixing herself up!  Funnily enough I just coat her Kiltie boots while uploading these joints..

Nonetheless Miss Ashley is a Sophmore studying Theatre, and she says her boyfriend tells her to make a blog cause this is her consistent look..I agree with the Brother!  But she says she’s hesitant.. With taking these photos of people I hear that a lot..I don’t know where the hesitance comes from but a killer is a killer, and you know em when you see em..::cough,:: Ashely, do it! ::cough::..

 Photo by Diamond Bradley.

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