The Diamond Edition
I’m Steady Bumping…

Carter G. Woodson, Malcolm X and August Wilson in my mind while reading Jay-Z’s Decoded book.  Much deeper than lyrics, speaking on the disgust of being caught up in the Willie Lynch-ness.  “And all the wavy light-skinned girls is lovin’ me now.” - December 4th; The Black Album.

I was once caught up in that too, thinking that the light-skinned girls were prettier than the darker ones, but its a corruption, an intentional poison, crafted by design that works wonders on its own, with no push, advertisement, or propaganda. (Ok so we do have fashion, entertainment, stereotypes and modern-day minstrelsy..)

But the seed was planted way before, and we are the feeble plant.

Everything is intertwined.  I see more against than together in Black Folk, and I do wish things were different.  But until we, like Mr. Shawn Carter here, become cognizant of the destruction and segregation of ourselves, I can’t see more people than needed for serious change becoming conscious until we realize what we have subconsciously done to each other.

-Diamond Bradley.