The Diamond Edition
The Objective..

Is to be a murderer.  Spare no lives when the sidewalk is the runway.  Brothers, there is no one else like you on this street, for the world will have to search far and wide to discover a caliber of your like.  This is why Hip-Hop has grown so, and why they wish these neckties were nooses.  But now, the Earth is definitely our crime scene.

From “Son,” to “Slime,” to “Moe,” to “Joe,” we remain one in the same in this style thing.  Whether waves or afro’s.  Our shit is innate.  Shape-up’s aint neccessary, but they’re cool.  Fool around with your hairs, Black people.  Only we have a playground on our head that grows as such.  They can only imitate us so much.  

Leather jackets aren’t spared, neither tweed waistcoats and socks cut from Kashmir goats.  Crested velvet slippers And oxford shoes tapped so they hear you coming through..Penny Loafers with a penny in ‘em to give ‘em your two cents.  Colognes of the best scents. I’m talking leaving no witnesses!

The same way those, Black Girls that kill it, with headwraps and bowties dripping from their necks, grand jewlery, Kente clothes, hairstyles of all sorts heels that give whiplash to the effect of a car crash.  Them hippy hipsters from Long Island, to Cali, with full lips, broad noses like mine that I waft their parfum through.

Leave no witnesses.

But best believe they witness it.  As much as we seem dead last in the eyes of others, we have lead like an SAT is in waiting, and we ace it…we ace it!

Dark skin called “exotic” on magazines to grace it, 40-year-old Brown woman appearing twenty eight and women from other races can hardly even face it to the point where their piercing Botox in their faces, when WE got it Natural. Making the brick walls behind us look good and the trees in the background look better. 

A Brother in a suit trumps Donald and them..and if a Black woman wants straight hair she aint gotta fake it…just straighten it..and like Magic! It’s back to a fluffy black cloud or curls. 

This is an ode to us and style.  No melodies, but just what I see.  We men can say we the man and the Women can say their the Queens, if your skin is light or dark. 

Enough smoke and mirrors, when they want to mirror us.

Leave no witnesses.

But they are witnessing.