The Diamond Edition
Yo! White Girls!

This is a true story.

So I’m in this lounge two days ago with my homeboys, sitting at the bar, waiting for my cup of Long Island Iced Tea to be handed to me, when someone pulls my pocket square out of the pocket on my Sport Coat.  I turn to my right, and to my surprise, there’s a slim, red-headed White Woman holding it in her hand, with a look of flirtatious shock on her face, something like “I have your pocket square!  Haberdash my ass…na nana boo boo!” 

Anyway! I was surprised.  I honestly didn’t know what to think, but here’s what ran through my head:

Hmm, we’re in a lounge.  She must be drunk…

Hmmm, she must be into Black Men…

Hmmmm, she’s drunk.  Annnnd she’s into Black Men.

Either way, I said just about nothing, but, “You must not want me to go home tonight,”


Now, up to this point, I’d never thought about even flirting with a White Woman, and I never have.  Not that I have anything against them, but, they just aren’t my personal preference.  So, that line, as corny as it may (or may not be) was all that I could muster!

She said nothing back, so I figured she must be drunk.  And she was just screwing with me.


I turned to my homeboys and said “I don’t believe she did that!  But seriously, I have no experience with these Women.  If she were Black, I’d have seriously gone in for the kill!  At least leaving with the digits.  But here, I saw nothing to run after.  Simply put, I generally had no interest in this lady, no matter that she was drunk, (probably) and may have liked Black Men.

This was how I discovered that I have a true disinterest in White Women.  Every guy knows that interest from a Woman is going to be attacked, but for some reason, my mind said “Repel!” Even after she pulled the square out a second time!

And so I did, walking over to a seat on the other side of the lounge to chill and sip.

Now, if that Woman was dark, I’d be writing a different post.  Or better yet, not writing a post at all…

Words by Diamond Bradley.

I Find It Very Interesting…

How we, men and women, can both/either find someone that we will obviously be very comfortable with on a basic level, at least for the rest of our lives, but will choose to not be with that person for what ever Reason.  He or she may make you smile, make you better when sick, give you the greatest non-sexual conversations and the best sex, but even then, the world is not enough…

I think, to a degree, timing is one of the Reasons, and another may just be that fear of commitment.  That is a fear that is very real, and very omnipotent.  One definitely has to bend all the way to feel comfortable with leaving the field in their rear view mirror; it’s just an issue that I find to be so strange.

Maybe I’ll never figure out why we do it, but, what do you guys think?